About Us

Who We Are

Mother Mary Mission, Inc. is a non-profit organization of Catholic individuals in Phenix City, Inc. The new Mother Mary Mission Board of Directors was formed August 31, 2016. Mother Mary Mission was recently placed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage on June 28th, 2019 by the Alabama Historical Commission. Mother Mary Mission Inc. acquired non-profit 501(c)3 status as of May 23, 2019.

Mission Statement

The present board of the Mother Mary Mission Incorporated’s aim and purpose for existence is to continue the work started by the Vincentian Sisters of Charity and Salvatoran Priest and Brothers, that is to serve poor in the Phenix City and Columbus area.


Mother Mary Mission School originated from a ten-room house, started by Vincentian Sister of Charity from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their mission was to open an educational facility for black children in the South. It was situated on nearly three acres on Seale Road in Phenix City Alabama. 

Preparations began on October 11, 1939. The school opened on September 9, 1941 with 67 students. There were 87 by October 1941. Mother Mary Mission was then operated as a multi-purpose facility which housed the Sisters at night. Daytime hours facilitated classrooms plus a health and dental clinic. 

A new church and school was built in 1945. Construction in 1951 combined the church with the elementary and high school. There were living quarters for four Salvatorian priests. An office for the Negro apostolate of the Divine Savior under the direction of Father Sterbenz was included. He raised funds to carry on the mission. There was a building for distributing clothing which became the Rummage Sale. A gymnasium was built and served as a cafeteria, community room for religious singing events, entertainment activities, such as movies, roller skating and records hops. The gym hosted athletic activities for the mission and home games for South Girard High School of Phenix City Alabama. It was the first gym for blacks in the area. 

Mother Mary Mission has served as the community playground for youth who organized pickup games and seasonal sports. They were always welcome and parents felt the children were safe. 

Mother Mary Mission has produced judges, lawyers, doctors, educators, religious leaders and professional athletes who serve throughout the United States.

Future Plans

Future plans include:

  • provide shelter for homeless veterans
  • provide affordable housing for the community
  • provide GED and continued educational opportunities for the community
  • provide recreational opportunities for the youth and the community
  • provide any necessary resources required or needed by the community