About Us

Mission Statement

To re-establish Mother Mary Mission as a Community hub for social, educational, housing and economic endeavors.The present board of the Mother Mary Mission Incorporated’s aim and purpose for existence is to continue the work started by the Vincentian Sisters of Charity and Salvatoran Priest and Brothers.

Mother Mary Mission, Inc. is a non-profit organization of Catholic individuals in Phenix City, Inc. The new Mother Mary Mission Board of Directors was formed August 31, 2016.
Mother Mary Mission was recently placed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage on June 28th, 2019 by the Alabama Historical Commission. Mother Mary Mission Inc. acquired non-profit 501(c)3 status as of May 23, 2019.


Mother Mary Mission School originated from a ten-room house, started by Vincentian Sister of Charity from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their mission was to open an educational facility for black children in the South. It was situated on nearly three acres on Seale Road in Phenix City Alabama. 

The Mother Mary Mission Development is a multi-million-dollar redevelopment of the area surrounding the southeast corner of the Hwy 280 and Seale Road. 

The project is designed to repurpose a once thriving Catholic Institution – school, church, and community center- into a female homeless veterans’ home, child development center while re-engaging the community to facilitate growth as a community center focused on social, educational, sports, healthcare, and entertainment activities. It is designed to reinvest in a distressed community while creating businesses, jobs and other economic opportunities.

The project development area is located on approximately 7 acres of land. It is fifteen minutes from Fort Benning, two minutes from the central business district in Phenix City, AL and five minutes from Downtown Columbus,  GA businesses and attractions.

Future plans include:

  • The Convent Project
  • Alliance with Al Council on Human Relations
  • The Gymnasium